Bring on the Robotics

When you typically think of contemporary robotics, the first image that comes to mind might be of a vehicle assembly line, now all but devoid of human laborers, or the breakthroughs being made by NASA. Many do not realize that robotic technology is much closer to home, and utilized by gadgets that may even be stashed away in a toolbox in your very own garage.

Laser Level

levelOne such gadget is the laser level, an often tripod mounted (although there are handheld varieties as well) level that projects a laser beam along a horizontal or vertical surface. Once the tripod itself has been leveled, the beam is switched on and a straight line is projected on the target surface, allowing the user to verify that anything from a picture frame to a wall stud is perfectly level. Taking the place of more primitive methods such as chalk lines and torpedo levels, laser levels are more precise and save time on both large and small jobs alike.