Have Your Smart Home Inspected Properly

With all of the smart technology out on the market today it can be easy to look at all of the cool technology but actually miss the things that may be hurting your home.  If you are in the market for buying a new home and you are simply looking at the features the home has, and not actually looking at the structure of the home you may be potentially buying a pit that has been dressed up to look nice.   This is where having the best Dallas Home Inspector on your side comes in handy.

Don’t get us wrong, having all of the latest and greatest technologies in your home is a cool thing and can also help you with saving money over time.  Having smart technology in your home can help reduce energy bills, by keeping lights turned off, or temperatures at optimum settings.  They allow you to keep an eye on your home while you are away, or even make your coffee for you at the push of a button from your smart phone.   So yes we understand how cool it is to have all of these nice features in your new home.

The Inspection Process

We are here to give you a good old fashioned home inspection while using modern technology to measure and report items like never before.  Some things are just best done the old fashioned way and we know that unless we get up in the attic, or down in the crawl space that we may not be able to see if there is any underlying damage that you may not have noticed before.   The cool thing is we can use some awesome technologies to help us with this.

Using a Drone

droneDrones can be used to inspect your roof.  Depending on the location and the regulations, we can use the drone to fly above your home, and get up close and personal with all aspects of the roof.  We can use the cameras to zoom on areas we feel may be troubled spots, and if we find something of interest we can always shag up a ladder to go lay eyes on the actual issue to see what may be a potential issue.   We will also provide you with the videos from the drone to show you exactly what we are able to see with a birds-eye view.


Using Remote Controlled Inspection Vehicles

inspection-vehicleGetting into a crawl space is never much fun for anyone especially if you are a hefty guy like me.   I have found myself in a tight spot more times than I care to remember, but it is all in a day’s work when you have to inspect the crawlspace of a home.   We have a nice cool technology using remote controlled inspection vehicles that we can send down into the crawlspace of your home to inspect all of the wiring, plumbing, and pier and beam foundation.   Equipped with bright lights and cameras, this little remote control vehicle can tackle the tightest spaces, and get the job done easily and thoroughly.   We take video of the entire process and share that with you in the end.

Using smart technology during home inspections is pretty new, and will never replace humans that can inspect with their eyeballs, but it does allow us to look for issues first and know what we are specifically going in to look for.

Do yourself a favor and contact a quality home inspection service when you plan on buying your next new home.