How the Smart Garage Door Opener is Simplifying Lives

Your garage door can be a huge vulnerability to your home so need to secure it probably. You can do this by installing the smart garage door opener.  A smart door opener is an advanced and easy to operate security system that will not only make you and your property safer but also make your life simple. The technology involved in the smart garage door openers has risen over the years.

At present, you can control and monitor functions of your garage door from any place in the world as long as you have access to a Wi-Fi enabled device or that has an internet connection.  Besides using encryption to ensure your safety, most smart garage door openers are also password protected to ensure only you can access them when you want to.

How Has the Smart Garage Door Opener Evolved?

As noted earlier, you can control all the functions of your garage door from wherever you are in the world.  You only need to download an app that will help you do the operations. There are apps for Android, Apple, and Blackberry.  So you will choose the appropriate one for your device.

But first, the smart garage door opener must be connected to your homes internet service.  Most smart garage doors nowadays have the learning technology included. On your app, use the “learn” function to add your door.  Once this is done, you can operate your door from anywhere.

In case you lost your phone, or you don’t own a smartphone, you can still run the smart door opener.  Some manufacturers have their web pages that you can access from a web-enabled device like a laptop.  All you need to do is create an account from which you can get the features required to operate your door.

Another technological improvement involves lighting.  The modern smart garage door opener comes with built-in lighting systems.  This system can also be controlled from your hand-held device implying that you can switch the lights on and off at your convenience.

The benefits of the smart garage door opener that will simply your life include:

Safety and Security
For life to be simple, you and your family have to be safe and secure. The smart garage door opener comes with many features that ensure your security. For instance, if you always leave for work at 8 a.m you can set the door opener such that it operates between 7:55 am and 8:05 am, and from then on it remains shut. It means that nobody will access your property through the garage door.

The fact that it uses encryption and it’s password-protected also means that only you can operate it. You may also like the vacation code feature that comes with modern doors. This feature disables remote controls implying that you can open the garage door from the inside only. So even with remote controls codes scanner, thieves can’t access your house from the garage.

A Problem Solver and Time Saver
using smart phoneOnce or twice, you might have left for work or somewhere else and the suddenly you can’t remember whether or not you closed the garage door. So you had to rush back and check only to find out it was closed.
Now the smartphone app will always be monitoring the position of the garage door meaning you can confirm whether or not it is closed with just click or a swipe. However, with the modern door opener, there are features that you can enable to have it close automatically.

Automatic Closing
Many of the modern smart garage doors will close automatically once your car leaves. It gets rid of the agony of having to get out the car to close the door.  In fact, you don’t even have to remember to press the close button on the remote!

Again, you can set the doors system such that it closes after some specified time, say, after 20 minutes. So you will always trust that your garage door is closed.

The fact that you can operate the door from wherever you are makes it convenient. For, instance if a friend wants to get something from the garage and you are not at home, you can open the door for them, and when they get out, you close. Again, if the garage door happens to be the main entrance to your house and you expecting some delivery while away, just inform the delivery agents to call you so you can open the door for them. This makes life simple.


Smart Garage Door Opener in Action.  Watch this video that shows you how they work.


We hope you have learned a thing or two about smart garage door openers, and will find peace by having one installed in your home.  As always if you know of other really cool smart home gadgets, we would love to write about them here.  Please use your smart phone to contact us today and let us know your cool gadget, and we will give it a look and most likely a place here on our blog.