Transform Your Home With Smart Christmas Lights

Christmas is the time of year when we celebrate by decorating our trees and homes with brightly colored and festive lights. With new smart technology, this custom is easier, more affordable, and more festive than ever. Smart Christmas lights enable you to create your own personal light show, both indoors and out. You can create elaborate light sculptures and lighting displays personalizing them with your own musical soundtrack.

Christmas Lights

In the days before electricity was available, candles were used to light up and decorate the Christmas tree, in spite of the inherent fire dangers. Edward H. Johnson is credited with developing the first string of Christmas lights in 1882. Fast forward to today with smart technology, and this age-old tradition of lighting up the tree has taken on a whole new dimension. What used to be a simple string of multi-colored lights is now at a point where you can customize your own color palette. You can control not only the color, but also the motion, brightness, direction, and speed of your lights. You can add your own music, making your lights sparkle to your personal favorite holiday tunes. You can create a unique light show every night, either indoors just for your own personal family’s enjoyment on the tree or outdoors for the entertainment of your entire neighborhood.

Smart technology is making our lives easier. When you use smart Christmas lights, you can schedule the times you want your light show to come on and off automatically, without having to physically be at home. You can remotely control the lights if you want to change the settings. The comfort and convenience of remotely controlling your Christmas lights takes away the stress and worry about having to rush home to turn on or off your lights when you are either stuck at work or enjoying yourself with friends. Smart Christmas lights can be programmed through your smart device. keeping them secure and under your personal control.
Computer controlled lighting uses software and wireless networks to control your Christmas lights. A popular example of what you can create when you combine smart technology with Christmas lights was displayed on a YouTube video in 2005. Carson Williams used 16,000 lights, 88 different channels, and programmed the show to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra track. Once this video appear on YouTube, it became an instance sensation and introduced the world to endless possibilities with smart Christmas lights.

Since the fully programmable lighting systems were first developed in the 1990’s, smart Christmas lights have become more affordable and more energy efficient. Using smart technology with LED lights uses eight times less power than incandescent bulbs. In addition, when one bulb burns out the rest of the string stays lighted. Using remotely controlled lighting and automatic on/off settings saves on energy, keeping your display on only when you want it on. Much like turning the light off when you leave the room, smart lights only use electricity when you want them to.

Smart technology has transformed the age-old tradition of Christmas lights into a wonderful light presentation that can be personalized to bring your family and entire neighborhood Christmas joy!

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