What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a smart technology device that allows one to remotely control the temperate of their homes using a smartphone, tablet or a desktop. The smart thermostat gives one control over their central heating system in their homes without being present in person.

nest nest-thermostat honeywell


How does a smart thermostat function?

Typically, a thermostat inside your house allows you to change and control the temperature of your home using either a control panel or a dial. A smart thermostat, on the other hand, will give you more efficient, user-friendly as well as a greater accessible control on your home’s heating temperature. The whole principle of the smart thermostat is based on three components namely:

The first component is plugged in directly to the boiler which is also able to communicate with the second component wirelessly.

The second component is the traditional in-house device; the thermostat as well as the main control.

The third and final component is the app downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet. The installed app will allow you to control the thermostat or central control device while away remotely. The app allows one to comfortably change the heating temperature of their homes wherever and whenever they wish.


What is the significance of a smart thermostat to an individual?

Top on the list is the freedom and ability to remotely control or regulate your home’s temperature without having to get back to your house. Simply via the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can change the temperature of your house.

Another advantage is that smart thermostat offers a fabulous alternative especially to those with hectic schedules as well as those that work pretty far away from home. The truth is that sometimes one can get so caught up in their work, grossly immersed in what they are doing to the point of forgetting that they left their heating system on. Or when they are on vacation, and then they remember that all that while their heater was on. You can simply get in control of the situation via the app on your smartphone device.

A smart thermostat also offers one the ability to heat their homes efficiently and therefore, saving them some money in the long run. It also provides occasional reports about usage, which can help an individual, get a better understanding of their heat usage. It will help them know how and where they need to adjust in as far as heat usage is concerned, something quite tricky and hard with the traditional home heating options.

A smart thermostat can also make one’s home a comfortable place to be in, coming back to such a perfectly temperature regulated environment is essential especially when one needs to calm down or relax after a busy day or week. The smart thermostat allows you to achieve that even before you get home; you can begin regulating the temperature at the comfort of your device.


There are several types of smart thermostats available today, so you will have to do a thorough research on the kind that you want. Some of the available types include:

• tado

• E.ON Touch

• Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat

• Honeywell evohome

• Heatmiser’s Neokit2,

• EDF Energy’s HeatSmart

• Drayton miGenie

Each of these thermostats has been uniquely designed and has their advantages as well as disadvantages as to why you ought to or not settle or them. Information is power, so do a small research on the same and make sure that you get the one that is compatible with your device. Get the one that you can easily master and operate without any complications. You should also go for a smart thermostat that not only helps you regulate your home temperature, but allows you to enjoy other functions as well such as:

• Recording both internal and external temperatures

• Records the running time of the heating system

• Notify you whenever an air filter needs replacement


Simplifying your life has just become easier, and the more and more smart devices that hit the market we will see even more ways to improve our life.   If you know of other smart gadgets that we have yet to feature, please drop us a line and let us know.  We would love to do an article on things people really want to see.  As always we love hearing from our readers as well.  Thanks again for reading.  Enjoy your new smart thermostat.